G2 is the temporary name given to this game idea. I think it was derived from "Gazillionaire 2" (i.e. this is my sequel to Gazillionaire).

This will be a game of interstellar trading. In the beginning, you will start with just you and your ship, and maybe some cargo. You can eventually develop an entire trading empire.


To begin, you will have several stats that you need to determine. You will have starting points to buy

  • Ship components
    • Cargo capacity
    • Passenger space
    • Engines
    • Sensors
    • Hull
    • Shields
    • Weapons
    • Modularity
  • Personal stats
    • Luck
    • Charisma
    • Bargaining
    • Astrogation
    • Mechanics
    • Combat ability
    • <Homeworld>
  • Initial Capital
    • Initial cash
    • Initial debt
    • Initial cargo

Of course, the things can be determined randomly if desired.

Ship components


Modularity is the first thing to consider. It determines how "adaptable" your ship is. You buy modularity in units called modules, and everything else uses up these modules. The actual design and architecture of the ship will be left to your imagination.

Modularity will also determine how much of the other components your ship already has. However, it is not easy to get a lot of free stuff. Only a few things can be initially improved for free with extra modularity, and even then by only a little bit.

Cargo capacity

Cargo capacity will deal only with volume (cubic meters, m3) in this game. Mass will be a consideration for engine efficiency, but does not really need to be a worry here. Cargo capacity can be bought as floor space or cargo containers.

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