Cartridge Relabelling

Takeaways from "8-Bit Guy" YouTube video:

Removing old labels

  • WD-40
    • Spray on a small amount and rub in with fingers
    • Let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Should just peel right off.
    • Dry off leftover WD-40 residue.
  • Alcohol to remove remaining adhesive residue.

If WD-40 isn't as effective as expected…

  • Heat (hair dryer) can weaken adhesive
  • Just scrape with (e.g.) dull flat-head screwdriver.

Cleaning cartridges

  • Unscrew casing (NES cartridges require special screwdriver; buy online)
  • Wash casing in sink tap. Scrub with brush if necessary.
  • Clean contacts on ROM board
    • (Usually: alcohol)
    • Baking soda
      • Sprinkle on
      • Gently scrub with wet brush
      • Rinse off in sink tap (seriously)
      • Let dry for a few hours

Printing and attaching labels

Method 1: "Avery" shipping labels

  • Pros: Good adhesion
  • Cons: Poor print quality (laser printer toner scratched off)

Method 2: "spray" adhesive (recommended in video)

Adhesion not as good as shipping labels, better than rubber cement.
Let sit 30 seconds before applying label.

Method 3: rubber cement

Worst adhesion

Adding gloss

Packing tape lamination. Apply before cutting out label from print page.

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