Good Ideas
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GM/DM ideas

Group development

Taken from comments by "Mike Gould" at

Before any dice are rolled, there’s a session zero. We talk about the upcoming campaign, any limitations, changes, or additions to what can be.

Then I interview each player one on one. I ask them seven questions that define their character’s outlook and personality. It takes ten minutes, and I learn more than the dreaded 20 page backstory nonsense. The player learns about themselves as well.

I break the players into “friend groups”. They pick which character knows which. This speeds up getting the group together, develops synergy, and tends to remove “lone wolves”.

The 7 questions:

1. When you’re out of the room, an NPC would describe you as ___.

2. What would you kill for/die for/live against all odds for?

3. What do you love?

4. What do you hate?

5. What do you see as your character’s end goal?

6. What’s your perceived method of getting there?

7. What is your character’s downfall?

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