Mors Ethan
Star Wars (D6)
Mors Ethan
(As of Battle of Endor)
Type: Independent Scout
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Homeworld: Chandrila
Force Sensitive: NO
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 48
Move: 10
A Quote: "Been there; done that."
Player: Jess

Mors Ethan was a human scout during the time of the Galactic Civil War. He was a independent freelancer prior to the Battle of Yavin, then later became a member of the Rebel Alliance.

Physical Description

His appearance is very low profile. He has a slightly smaller than medium build, but still athletic. His hair is dark and kept cut above the collar, and his eyes are even darker than his hair. He can be attractive if he keeps himself cleaned up.

He is typically found wearing a green flight jumpsuit with an olive-colored cargo vest. He usually holsters a blaster on his utility belt.

A picture is worth a thousand words

This image is the best representation of Mors:

Special Abilities

  • Skilled Dejarik player
  • Greater than average mental capacity


Being from Chandrila, Mors was an only child. His parents were farmers who specialized in foodstuffs (especially fruit). He had friends off-and-on; and when he did not, he kept himself entertained. As Mors became a teenager, he became more and more anxious to leave Chandrila and fly through space. He found a certain joy in space travel with no particular destination. During his early teenage years, he became rather rebellious against his parents – especially his father, Toran Ethan. Toran disapproved of Mors' apparent lack of respect for the nature and environment of Chandrila. However, it was not that Mors "disrespected" the nature of Chandrila – he just simply took it for granted. Mors wanted to see the "nature" of other planets.

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Mors' parents taught him at home so that he could help with the farming during normal school hours. His parents were extremely good teachers and he learned as much from them as from any Imperial school. Despite all that Mors learned from them, he never picked up a knack for farming and would probably fail as a farmer on his own. Mors learned all of his piloting and language skills from the trade company. He picked up his survival skills from a wide spectrum of sources throughout the galaxy, including his parents, the trade company, and his own experiences.

Family Tree

Mors’ mother, Kersandra Serscio, was only five years old when her cousin, Jafa, mysteriously disappeared. Her uncle Enja and aunt Deehah would sometimes tell stories of when they were together, flying around the galaxy an academic tour. Kersandra wished she could have known her cousin more. Even though Jafa was many years older than Kersandra, she was a lonely only child and sometimes wished for a close friend. It was from her aunt and uncle’s stories that Kersandra learned of Jafa’s sometimes nickname, "Mors," derived from the Ithorian word for "knowledge."

A while after Jafa’s disappearance, a group of people found Enja and Deehah and told of Jafa’s death on an ice planet called Hoth, that would probably never be found again (these people claimed to have only made it away from the planet safely through the luck of the Force). At first, his parents rejected the story… but after more failure in searching for him they finally accepted that truth. When Kersandra was old enough, she finally learned the truth of her cousin’s disappearance.

Kersandra named her son Mors, in honor of the cousin she never knew. However, she rarely spoke of Jafa or his plight. Once, when a very young Mors asked what his name meant, Kersandra began to cry, and the only word she could say was "JAFA!" Toran Ethan pulled his son away and explained as much as he knew… of Kersandra’s older cousin, Jafa (nicknamed "Mors"), and that he died when Kersandra was very young. Toran once got the full story of Jafa’s death secretly from his father-in-law, but Mors never learned about it. After his mother broke down, Mors never again asked about his namesake.


Gets along with people pretty well, but doesn't mind being on his own. Generally not very outspoken, some might even call him a "loner." He's not afraid to take risks, especially if he feels the odds are in his favor, though he's very practical and very logical with his methods in life.

His strongest personality trait is his wanderlust. He is driven by a desire to know every meter of the galaxy - an almost uncontrollable urge to travel to new planets and discover new things.


Life Events

Early career

At the age of 14, he convinced his mother to let him join a trading company so he could learn the skills of space flight and get a taste of the rest of the galaxy. Mors kept in contact with his parents for the most of his teenage life. While working with the trading company, Mors developed a semi-romantic relationship with a co-worker of the same age, Regina Hayleen. By the time he was 17 he had saved up enough credits to buy his own "used" scout ship (a very old model – nameless). He left the trading company to set out on his own, leaving behind Regina who stayed to further her own career.

A year or two later he completely lost contact with his parents. The reason he lost contact is uncertain, even to Mors who was completely absorbed in his new career as an independent scout.

Scouting Beweni

(See mors-ethan-bg-story2 for narrative details.)

Life as a no-name independent scout was not easy for Mors, who found himself barely scraping by. He would sometimes live off of a planet's natural resources while he waited for word of his next source of income. Providing scouting reports of recently-discovered planets were his favorite types of jobs.

Beweni was one such planet. It was discovered four years after Mors first set out on his own and orbital scans detected no civilizations.

Mors raced to be the first scout of the surface of Beweni, but was waylaid en route. He was forced to drop his ship out of Hyperspace due to an apparent mass blocking his route. When he fired up his sensors to investigate what was blocking this supposedly safe route, he detected a ship that he soon discovered to be the Entrepreneur, a large, executive cargo and trade ship owned by his former employer. He was greeted over the comlink by none other than Regina.

Aboard the Entrepreneur, Mors and Regina quickly caught up with each other. Regina then explained the Entrepreneur's presence in the middle of deep space. From evidence on the trade ship's larger, more powerful sensors - and Regina's explanations - Mors learned of the Imperial Interdictor Cruiser prototype: the Isolation. The effects of the Isolation's gravity wells produced an artificial mass shadow that caused the Entrepreneur's journey to stop short (which in turn interrupted Mors' trip). The Isolation was retaining the Eaton, a ship the Entrepreneur had a business appointment with. Mors compared the effects of the gravity wells to being stuck in biomuck, then recalled an encounter with the natives of Yaqa III during the previous year.

When the Isolation finally departed the vicinity, Mors and Regina said their good-byes and went their separate ways.

Upon arriving in Beweni's system, Mors was greeted by his occupational rival, Hatch Maljet, who was already in orbit in his ship, the Galaxy's Eye. Hatch mocked Mors for his tardiness with an unexplained knowledge of Mors having just been on the Entrepreneur with Regina. Hatch then implied that the Isolation may not have been the real reason the Entrepreneur was in its particular location, as if it had somehow been set up to specifically hinder Mors.

The two scouts headed for separate parts of Beweni to survey. It took Mors a couple of hours to find a decent landing zone for his ship on the heavily forested planet. However, just as he began his landing descent, a malfunction in the repulsorlift stabilizers caused his ship to crash-land instead. The only injuries Mors suffered in the crash were some serious bruises, but he was knocked unconscious for several minutes.

He awoke to find his ship tilted in the ground, partially buried in the sandy surface. The damage to the repulsorlift system was beyond his ability to repair by himself. As the system was vital to lifting the ship off the ground for take-off, Mors was effectively stranded on the planet. He activated his emergency beacon, hoping that Hatch Malject would detect it and be kind enough to respond.

Over the course of a day, Mors conducted his meticulous surveying of the planet's environment. He encountered a mysterious, quiet (almost silent), sloth-like species with surprisingly advanced technological skills. Utilizing silent-running personal transport/utility vehicles, members of the species charitably repaired Mors's ship with amazing speed and craftsmanship. Mors observed with awe and mindfulness.

His saviors finished their repair work and departed back into the forest without a sound or hesitation, with a speed that Mors could not match on foot. After silently expressing his gratitude, Mors made haste to get his ship off the ground and race to the nearest "civilized" planet to publish his report. Though he was sure that Hatch would publish his report first, Mors took pride in knowing that Maljet's report would surely have no mention of the mysterious, technologically adept sloth creatures, and their mysterious utility vehicles.

A week later, the extra detail in his report of Beweni paid off for Mors. His reputation as a thorough scout got a boost and he received a nice commission from a small Core World corporation to find a new planet to which they could relocate their headquarters. With plenty of credits to live on for a while, Mors headed to inspect the planet Aofot for his client. En route, his thoughts wandered to Regina, then to his parents on Chandrila. When his ship exited Hyperspace less than smoothly at the Aofot system, Mors decided then that he was going to put his recent income towards buying a new ship. The ship that he bought was the Lightning Talon.

The Phoenix Squad

The Battle of Yavin

For the most part, Mors was able to pursue his independent scouting career without any attention of the Empire. That changed shortly before the Battle of Yavin. As a side job, Mors was chartered for transportation off of an Imperial-controlled space station. His passengers: a young Jedi (Xavier), a Mashi Horansi (Benath), and a spoiled debutante (Alhana). As the Lightning Talon was departing the station, it drew the attention of the Empire and a team of TIE fighters moved to intercept it. With the passengers on-board attempting to evade the Empire, Mors decided to jump into Hyperspace to escape the situation.

Nonetheless, the group was eventually captured by the Empire and imprisoned on the Death Star. As the Death Star approached Yavin IV, prepared to destroy the Rebellion at its base, Mors and his new companions escaped custody. With the upcoming battle beginning to erupt, each of the escapees stole an empty TIE fighter from the hanger and exited the Death Star. However, without hyperdrives they had no where else to go, leaving their only choice of survival to assist the Rebellion in their fight for survival. Away from the main dogfighting fray, Mors and the others took it upon themselves to dispatch a number of reinforcement Imperial TIE fighters that would have surely overwhelmed the Rebellion otherwise.

Following the battle, the team joined the victorious Rebellion in their celebration. Princess Leia even gave them an honorable mention at the award ceremony for their efforts in evening the battle.

With the Rebel Alliance

Mors, Xavier and Alhana all officially joined the Rebel Alliance as special agents, along with a smuggler named Dan Joe. Mors provided his input to the Alliance regarding the selection of Hoth for the Rebellion's new headquarters. After hearing a tale from Alhana's protocol droid, Phoenix, of his past life, the team came to identify themselves as The Phoenix Squad.

The Phoenix Squad was among those aboard the Quantum Storm, the first transport to evacuate from Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth. While in Hyperspace to the rendezvous point, the squad foiled the plot of any enemy saboteur on-board.

Scene(s) missing. There is an insufficient level of detail to expand upon this topic. Details may have been lost, forgotten, or never really formed.
Any available notes are provided here:
  • There was a mission to a jungle planet, (I believe) to investigate a crashed Star Destroyer.
  • There was also an episode where the team test-piloted A-Wing prototypes.
  • The final mission of the campaign took the squad to a star or super-giant gas planet… some sort of body that hid a space station but needed a specially hardened craft to access.


Scene(s) missing. There is an insufficient level of detail to expand upon this topic. Details may have been lost, forgotten, or never really formed.
Any available notes are provided here:
  • Also around the time of the Battle of Endor, an evil cloning plot was taking place on the planet Aofot.
  • Mors, Xavier, and Dan Joe met a young Jedi kid named Jay-Mir.
  • They investigated and foiled the cloning operation, just as the second Death Star was being destroyed.
    • The team returned to Endor to join the celebration of the Rebel Alliance's victory.

Death ("Lost Souls")

As the celebration in the Ewok village on Endor died down, Mors did some soul searching and finally decided to track down his parents and reconnect with them. The next morning, he returned to the Xenon Swallow in search of Xavier or Dan Joe to say "good-bye", but instead found Jay-Mir. When Mors mentioned that he was returning to his home planet of Chandrila, Jay-Mir eagerly asked if he could catch a ride with Mors. Mors agreed to take Jay-Mir and drop him off at the Chandrilan town of Hepasas, though reluctantly due to the town's seedy and dangerous nature.

Chandrilan Homecoming

On Chandrila, Mors parted ways with Jay-Mir at a docking bay on the outskirts of Hepasas, but not before Mors gave Jay-Mir a fist full of credit coins to assuage Mors's conscience. Then, Mors took off in the Lightning Talon to head out to his parents' homestead.

Ethan Homestead

Though Mors had been there a few days earlier, prior to the Aofot mission, he did not have enough time to really begin his investigation then. On this return visit, as he had found it earlier, his parents' homestead appeared simply abandoned with no sign of struggle nor intended departure. His parents were simply gone — disappeared. Mors began looking for any clues he could find.

Old Friend, Old Enemy

Scene(s) missing. There is an insufficient level of detail to expand upon this topic. Details may have been lost, forgotten, or never really formed.
Any available notes are provided here:
  • Mors's investigation into his parents' disappearance reunites him with Regina Hayleen and Hatch Maljet.
  • Mors and Regina share a passionate romantic interlude.
  • Hatch has progressed from being simply an occupational rival to being Mors's full-on nemesis.
  • Hatch kidnaps Mors's parents and Regina. Hatch also manages to steal the Lightning Talon.
  • Mors battles Hatch.
  • Mors learns where Regina, his parents, and his ship are located (a field near the Ethan homestead on Chandrila). His loved ones are tied up on the Lightning Talon as hostages.
  • Mors kills Hatch.

The Tragedy in the Field

After killing Hatch, Mors rushed to the field where the Lightning Talon sat in wait. As Mors came in the clearing on the other side of the field, he could see his parents through the opened hatch of the ship. Through a trick of his mind, he was sure he saw Regina with them, though she had escaped her bindings and the ship several minutes earlier.

As he began taking his first steps towards the Lightning Talon, the ship suddenly exploded into a giant fireball. Hatch Maljet had rigged a time bomb on the ship.

For Mors, time slowed down to almost a stand still. His whole world and everything he found important in his life was shattered - utterly destroyed. As fiery debris began to rain down around him, he fell to his knees. His vision blurred with tears and his throat refused to allow him to breathe. Mors remained there in the field, filled with sorrow and agony, as he watched the remains of his ship burn for an hour or two.

His Decision

When he finally regained some strength and composure, Mors returned to his parents' house. Despite it being bright and sunny outside, it was dark and cool inside. Mors didn't bother turning on any artificial lighting. He took as seat in a room towards the back. A narrow beam of light came in through a mostly shaded window.

There he sat, and considered his life leading up to that point. He considered everything he had just lost. He tried to see his future, but saw nothing. He found that his goals in life were suddenly meaningless. He considered that his obsession with seeing the galaxy led to his estrangement with his parents, which in turn led to their kidnapping (in his mind).

The longer he sat there with his thoughts, the darker and more depressing they became. Having lost any motivation to continue on, and seeing no harm in removing his existence from the universe, he silently brought his blaster up to his temple and pulled the trigger.

Regina found his body a few hours later.


Approximately 1 standard year later, Regina Hayleen was seen boarding a shuttle at a starport with an infant girl in her arms. Regina had named her daughter Melinda Ethan, giving her the family name of her father.

Behind the Scenes

Mors Ethan is my first RPG character ever. My younger brother had learned about the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (the WEG version) at school and brought one or more books home to share with family and friends. After looking through the character templates of the 2nd Edition, I decided to go with a human version of the Cynical Scout template. Unfortunately, at the time, my brother had a misguided (and probably incomplete) understanding of the character creation rules. First of all, he allowed way too many attribute and skill dice, so our "starting" characters were relatively god-like. Secondly, when I tweaked the Cynical Scout template from Ithorian to Human, I did not know about the different attribute ranges of different species. The first incarnation of Mors had a 5D in Knowledge, well beyond the Human limit of 4D.

Shortly afterwards, I learned that some of my friends from school were experienced role-players, so my brother and I hooked up with them for a "real" campaign. At this point we got a better understanding of the rules and I recreated Mors properly. His first real adventure began right before the Battle of Yavin.

Disclaimer regarding Mors Ethan's death

It should be made clear that Mors Ethan's suicide should not be taken as a reflection of my own psyche. I wanted his death to be within my control, as opposed to an "in-game" death that was out of my control. I also didn't want his death be an accident nor a murder. I guess his death could have been heroic and sacrificial, but the suicide seems more dramatic and "unexpected", in my opinion.

"Lost Souls" Soundtrack

The story of Mors Ethan's death had significant inspirations from music. In particular, the "Mors in the Field" scene was mostly visualized while listening to "Brothers" (see below). And though the complete story has not yet been fleshed out, I was fortunate enough to record the music selections I had made so far. Also, I discovered with these music notes that, apparently, I had named this death story "Lost Souls." I seemed to envision this story portrayed as a Star Wars movie.

Scene Song Time marks
Star Wars Main Theme /
Chandrilan Homecoming
"Star Wars Main Title and The Arrival at Naboo"
by John Williams
on Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(Track #1)
Ethan Homestead "Stealth"
by Hans Zimmer
on Broken Arrow - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(Track #3)
0:00 - 1:28
Interlude "Fallen Angel"
by Traci Lords
on 1,000 Fires
(Track #2)
Mors in the Field "Brothers"
by Hans Zimmer
on Broken Arrow - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(Track #1)
0:00 - 2:08, 2:25 - 3:35
His Decision "Hummell Get The Rockets"
by Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams
on The Rock - Original Motion Picture Score
(Track #1)
0:00 - 3:29
Epilogue: Heritage "Jade"
by Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams
on The Rock - Original Motion Picture Score
(Track #3)
Mors's Descendant Soul
(alternative to Heritage, or possibly for "rolling credits")
"Distant Land"
by Traci Lords
on 1,000 Fires
(Track #5)

Daughter's name

I can't remember and I'm not sure that "Melinda" is the original name that I came up with for his daughter. I'm pretty sure it also started with M but I just can't be sure. I mention all of this because "Melinda" seems to be the closest thing I can remember, but it just doesn't seem right to my memory.

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