Mors Ethan Background Story No. 1

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Behind the Scenes

The following is a memory of Mors Ethan that I had on file. I'm not sure for what purpose I wrote this, but it definitely adds to the character's definition. Since it's a "memoir," it is written from his perspective.

"Short Memoir of Mors Ethan"

I remember my first friend I ever had back home on Chandrila. Her name was Tamie (at least that is what friends and family called her). She lived on a neighboring farm and it took about a half-hour to walk from my house to hers. She was probably a couple of years older than I was but since my pick of friends was from a very small pool, age didn't matter as much.

Because they were fruit farmers, our parents schooled us in our homes instead of sending us to the city for government school. That way they could make us help out with their farming chores when they wanted to during the day. However it also gave us more playtime during the day.

It was during one of my midday "recesses" that I first met Tamie. I was only five or six years old at the time… very young. I was using my time to find the edge of my parent's farm. My parents owned a lot of farmland (at least from the perspective of a five-year-old), so walking a great distance from my house was a great adventure for me. That day I had decided to head out towards the east. I could see a lone fruit tree in that direction (whereas most of my parent's harvest area was to the north and west) so I decided to at least make it to that tree.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, I came up to the tree and saw a person in it, climbing around all the branches.

"Hey you!" called the person in the tree. It was a girl's voice. "Get away from my tree!" She was trying to sound mean and scary, and I think it worked.

"Uhh… I'm sorry. Uhhh… who are you?"

"I am the Jedi Tamie. I’m protecting this tree from bad guys. And you are a bad guy!"

Getting a little upset, I stuttered back, "N- no I'm not. I’m a good guy. What’s a Jevi?"

"Jedi! Not Jevi. Jedi's are the best fighters in the galaxy. They fight against bad guys with their light-swords."

I was intrigued. "Light-swords? Really? They have light-swords? Can I see your light-sword?"

"It's right here," she said and picked up a small branch that she had broken off the tree. She waved the stick around and made a humming noise with her mouth.

I was about to make a comment on her dumb weapon, but then I caught on to the game she was playing with herself. I walked closer to the tree and said, "I want a light-sword, too."

She hopped down to a lower branch, pointed her stick at me and yelled, "NO! You can't come here. You are a bad guy! I'll cut you in half with my light-sword!"

I stopped, at little scared again. "But I'm not a bad guy! Why don't you believe me?"

"If you want to be a Jedi like me, you have to pass a Jedi test."

"What’s that?"

She looked around her tree, then pointed to a branch more than halfway up. "The Jedi test is that you have to climb to that branch all by yourself."

I became anxious. I had been climbing on some of my parent's trees before, but only the smaller ones and even then I didn't go very high. Still I wanted to be a Jedi and I didn't want her cutting me in half with her light-sword, even if it looked like just a stick.

So I climbed it… very slowly and carefully, but I eventually made it. At the time I had considered it the scariest thing I had done my whole life.

By the time I had climbed back down, I realized how long I had been away from home.

"Uh oh, I think I need to go home," I said.

She smiled. "Ok, well come back tomorrow and we'll make you a light-sword. You are a Jedi like me now… uhh… what's your name anyway?"

"I'm Mors Ethan," I said proudly and with a big grin.

"Ok, well come back tomorrow then."

"Ok bye"

My parents were upset, especially my father. They had not known where I ran off to and were afraid I might be lost. I guess my father always wanted to keep tabs on me.

I told them about the girl in the tree and the Jedi's and the light-swords. They explained to me that the girl was our neighbor and that the tree was on the boundary of the two farms (It was as much my tree as it was hers).

Over the next couple of years, I learned about the legends of the Jedi Knights, from both Tamie and my parents. I also discovered that being a Jedi with Tamie in that tree quickly became boring. Less than a month after I met Tamie, she and I began exploring other parts of our farms on my request. She had always wanted to protect the tree, which became the "Jedi Headquarters" for us. But I insisted that "bad guys" were hiding elsewhere and we needed to go out and find them.

Two years later, Tamie's family moved away, and I lost my first friend ever. I stopped playing "Jedi Knight" and barely ever thought of them again from that point on. However, I still visited that tree to the east of my house, and I still explored the two farmlands until I knew almost ever centimeter like the back of my hand.

Eventually, I found myself needing to explore something else…


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