Mors Ethan Background Story No. 2

(Also see mors-ethan-bg-story1)

Behind the Scenes

I actually wrote this story as an assignment for a science fiction course I took in college. A lot of the explanation about hyperspace travel and navigation were for the benefit of the reader (i.e. professor) who is probably not familiar with the Star Wars technology.

I'm not exactly sure why I refer to it as the "Leg-less Bantha story", as opposed to something more focused on the actual plot. My best guess: my original intention was to write a story about Mors Ethan in his early days as a scout, before he bought the Lightning Talon.

"Leg-less Bantha story"

About Mors and hyperspace

The reunion

The Imperial prototype (reunion continued)

Arrival at Beweni


Mysterious encounter

Help revealed

Departure / Epilogue


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