Mortal Kombat: Realms

This was an RPG setting that I thought of back when the Mortal Kombat series of video games was popular.

Centuries ago, warriors from Earth entered, for the first time, the tournament Mortal Kombat to defend the Earth Realm from being seized by Shao Kahn's Outworld Realm. This seemed to only delay the inevitable as Earth constantly lost each generation.

However, as the last millenium came to a close, Earth's warriors led by Liu Kang and aided by the Lightning God, Rayden, finally defeated Shao Kahn… first in the tournament, then again when Kahn violated the tournament with a flat-out invasion of Earth, attempting to merge the two realms himself.

Now, a generation later, Mortal Kombat begins fresh and anew. This time more realms have entered in, making the prize greater than ever.

One of the features of this setting was the existence of clones, of just about anybody (including player characters). How these clones came into existence is unknown and every copy believes that they are the "original" person. Another strange phenomenon is that anyone who meets a clone of theirs has an uncontrollable urge to fight their clone to the death.


  • Human
  • Human-like (Reptile, Scorpion)
  • Shokan (Goro, Sheeva)
  • Centaurian (Motaro)
  • Cybernetic (Cyrax, Sektor)
  • etc.
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