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Draytch Longjet entered one of the million nameless bars on Nar Shaddaa. It was a relief to find that it was one of the less seedy bars on the moon – about the best he could hope for in the Vertical City. Draytch assessed the layout of the joint and felt fortunate to find an empty booth towards the back that granted a clear line of sight to the entrance. He could easily see and be seen.

For the time being, the bar was relatively empty. Peak drinking time was still hours away. Among the handful of patrons, Draytch was the only human. It didn't matter as Draytch made it a professional habit to not draw attention to himself.

It only took a moment after he slid into the booth seat for the Rodian bar maid to approach him. Her uniform didn't leave much to the imagination.

"Chu naga yocola?" she asked. Her Huttese had a decidedly rural accent. Draytch really didn't know how long he would be waiting, but had decided that he could probably have one drink to pass the time.

"What's the local favorite?" he inquired, trying to balance his voice between friendly and uninviting.

"Pawacha Wa-tacha." Draytch slightly cringed as he mentally translated: "Mynock urine." He couldn't be sure if it was a just a colorful name or a literal one.

"I'll just have a Corellian Ale," he resolved, thinking it better safe than sorry.

The Rodian left then returned a couple of minutes later with the drink. She asked if he wanted to pay or start a tab.

"I'll pay now. And here's 150 credits for you to not bother me for the next hour, even if my glass is empty."

She nodded in understanding and appreciatively took the credit chips. Draytch then settled into nursing his drink as he watched the entrance, waiting for the Bothan to come and find him.

The Alliance had sent Draytch to meet with the Bothan named Skyar Elth to acquire some vital intelligence that Elth claimed to have. Over the past several weeks, the Rebel Alliance had been suffering painful losses of small space outposts and detachments. All cases have been total destruction with no evidence remaining of who performed the attacks or how the assaults were achieved. Elth secretly contacted Alliance intelligence officers, claiming to have information that the Rebels could use to solve their mystery. He further claimed that he held his information outside of the Bothan Spynet which would normally sell its intelligence. Elth requested the meeting of a single Alliance agent and picked the date and location for the meeting to happen. The Alliance intelligence group could not determine if Elth had purposefully or accidentally omitted a specific time for the meeting to occur. An optimal time window was calculated, and thus, Draytch Longjet sat waiting.

Draytch figured it must have been over two hours before he finally saw a Bothan enter the bar. The Bothan paused just inside the doorway to scan the area. He paused his gaze on Draytch for only a split second before completing his scan. He then worked his way over to Draytch's booth, repeatedly looking around the bar along his way.

When he finally reached a safe distance to speak without being overheard, the Bothan asked, "Are you Draytch Longjet?"

Draytch wasn't sure if Elth was supposed to know his name, but decided that the Bothans probably did their research thoroughly.

"Yes," Draytch responded, trying to hide his surprise.

"I'm Skyar Elth."

Elth seemed to pause for a few seconds, studying Draytch, before sliding into the booth seat across from the Rebel agent. He slid close up against the wall to effectively hide himself from the rest of the bar. He then drew a blaster pistol up above the table and aimed it at Draytch.

"Just put them on the table, casually," Elth commanded Draytch who was raising his hands in surrender.

"What's this all about? I thought you had information for… us," Draytch said as relaxed his arms to place his hands palms-down on the table.

Elth just studied Draytch a little more. He then sighed and spoke in a slightly friendlier tone, "You know this war you Rebels are fighting against the Empire is becoming quite a dangerous business. And useful information has become a very exotic commodity. People are even dying over it."

"I thought you said you weren't going to ask a price…," Draytch started to argue, but then Elth simply lowered his blaster and rested it on the table.

"Unfortunately, I don't have the information you desire."


"I'm not Skyar Elth. My name is Rithok Borlan."

Draytch choked up on the half dozen questions that he wanted to ask all at once. Rithok Borlan seemed to know how to answer them without being asked.

"Elth is dead. He was found, shot, in an alley not too far from here. We suspected you at first, but clearly you have been waiting here for Elth to arrive. Your reactions to what I've said so far have revealed as much."

Draytch slouched back in his seat. After taking a moment to process what he had just learned, he finally spoke up.

"So you knew Elth was coming here to meet me?"


"But you don't know what information he had."


"And you don't know who killed him."


The two sat in silence for almost a minute before Borlan moved to stand up from the table. He said as he stood, "We will be researching Elth's personal data files. If we find anything… well, our standard rates apply. Your superiors know how to contact us."

Draytch moved to get up as well, but Borlan interrupted him.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't leave for at least five minutes," Borlan said.

Draytch sat on the edge of his seat as he watched Borlan exit the bar. He decided he wasn't going to wait the full five minutes and stood up…

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