(X)HTML/CSS Reference

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Common (X)HTML elements (with associated attributes)

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Items marked as deprecated are not supported in the strict specifications of HTML 4.01 and XHTML, but will validate under the transitional specifications.
Click on an element's link to learn more about its usage (and to see attributes for a deprecated element).

<a> Hyperlink anchor
<abbr> Abbreviation tag
<acronym> Acronym tag
<address> Address tag
<applet> Applet deprecated: Use <object>
<area> Image hotspot hyperlink Use within <map>
<b> Bold Also see: <strong>
<base /> Base URL
<basefont /> Base font of document deprecated: Use CSS font styles in <body>
<bdo> Bidirectional override tag
<big> Big tag See also: CSS style font-size
<blockquote> Block quote tag Some browsers support the shorthand: <bq>
Typically rendered with indentation.
<body> Body
<br /> Break
<button> Button (form use) See also: <input type="submit">
<caption> Caption (figure or table) Use within <table> (Max: 1)
<center> Center alignment deprecated: Use CSS style text-align (e.g. in <div>)
<cite> Citation tag Typically rendered with italics.
<code> Code listing tag Typically rendered with monospace font.
<col /> Column Use within <colgroup>
<colgroup> Column group Use within <table>.
Only contains <col> elements.
<dd> Definition Use within <dl>, with <dt>
<del> Deleted text May be rendered as strikethrough.
<dfn> Defining instance tag Typically rendered as bold or bold-italic.
<dir> Directory listing deprecated: Use <ul>
<div> Division block
<dl> Definition list Contains <dt> and <dd> elements
<!DOCTYPE> Document type tag Should be the first line of all HTML documents.
Click link to see usage examples.
<dt> Definition term Use within <dl>, with <dd>
<em> Emphasis tag Typically rendered in italics, by default.
Use style sheets (CSS) to modify.
<embed> Embedded object non-standard: Use <object> instead.
<fieldset> Field grouping (form use) See also: <legend>
<font> Font tag deprecated: Use CSS font styles (e.g. in <span>)
<form> Form (user input) Contains HTML, input controls
(<button>, <input>, <select>, <textarea>)
and form-only elements
(<fieldset>, <label>, <legend>).

Browser-specific (X)HTML elements

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