Season 20 Episode 01

TAR 20.1 (2/19)
"Tears of a Clown" - Cherie (about last place driving to Santa Barbara, Arg)

California->Santa Barbara (wine country)
Cycling (Phil enthusiast)

11 teams:
DnC - Dave & Cherie (married "Ringling Bros, Barnum & Baily" clowns, Tampa FL) - "Ambassadors of Laughter", karma
BnM - Bopper & Mark (life-long friends, Clay County KENTUCKY) - "Other side of the tracks", white guy = Bopper, black guy = Mark, "rednecks"
MnM - Misa & Maiya (sisters, San Diego CA) - golfers (? = pro), hot sports chicks, "more asian" = Misa
BnR - Brendon & Rachel (engaged, LA CA) - Big Brother 12 (or 13… which is it, Rachel?) sweetharts, competitive (already don't like 'em, esp. her)
PhD Student and Event Hostess
JFnD - Joey "Fitness" & Dan(ny) (Best Friends, Long Island NY) - Clubbing, "Guido lifestyle", gym & tattoos, Jersey Shore guys, spiky hair = Danny
Trainer and club promoter
NnJ - Nary & Jamie (Fed agents, LA CA) - Blonde = Jamie, Latina?/Black? = Nary
RnD - Rachel & Dave (married, Madison WISCONSIN) - He is a Major in Army (combat pilot), in Iraq… race to reconnect
EnA - Elliot & Andrew (twin bros, Scotsdale AZ) - Rocker (facial hair, longer haircut) = Elliot, Soccer player = Andrew
KnS -Kerri & Stacy (1st cousins, Gulf Port MISSISSIPPI) - Black "Daisy Duke" country girls, Afro = Kerri
VnR - Vanessa & Ralph (dating, San Antonio TX) - 15 years, each divorced
AnJJ -Art & JJ (border patrol agents, southern CA) - supervisors of 40-man unit, jovial, JJ = Short, dark hair; Art = "longer" curlier hair

Winners of 1st leg ==> Express pass
1st task: 11 clues in 100 small hot air balloons. Get clue and get in a Ford Taurus.

split around "water hazard"
Dave & Cherie struggle up hill

EnA find 1st clue
VnR 2nd
JFnD 3rd
… ("fly to Santa Barbara", huh?)
KnS 4th
BnR 5th (R: "Where is Santa Barbara")
RnD 6th

NnJ 7th ("We ARE in Santa Barbara" "I know")
… in Fords, Phil: Santa Barbara, Argentina! American Airlines @ LAX to Buenos Aires (sp?); 1st six teams, fasted flight to Salta (closest airport to SB).
Rachel (of RnD) comments on Rachel's (of BnR) sparkly green top: "she looks like 'Shamrock' from Rainbow Brite"

DnC 8th
AnJJ 9th ("Thank the Lord", religious?)
BnM 10th
MnM 11th

BnM (black guy is sick/vomitting)
MnM >1h 44m on 1st task

No "Hazard" penalty for finishing last on starting task?

1st flight (Salta, Arg via Beunos Aires) = EnA, BnR, NnJ, AnJJ, RnD, VnR
2nd flight (2.5 hrs behind) = JFnD(dropped from 3rd!), KnS(dropped from 4th!), DnC, BnM, MnM

self drive (Ford SUVs) to SB for next clue
AnJJ 1st
… clue = route info ==> The Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque (Valle de) Cafayate… (? of AnJJ has good spanish pronounciation; oh yeah: Border Patrol agents)
2nd = NnJ
3rd = BnR
4th = RnD
5th = VnR
6th = EnA

2nd group leaving Salta airport:
7th = JFnD
8th = BnM
9th = MnM
10th = KnS
11th = DnC (then David is having trouble with the manual trans)
BnM pass JFnD (7th, 8th)
Cheri (DnC) upset about position

[Aeropuerto de Cafayate]
ROADBLOCK: "Who has got a great sense of direction?" ("X marks the spot")
"Find your partner after they have jumped out of an airplane. Search for them next to …"
10,000 ft skydive (tandem)
Reunite @ X, jumpmaster will give next clue.
1 Art of AnJJ (JJ jumps), JJ tells Art he doesn't "like heights that much" ("playing with death"; in plane: "This goes against all laws of nature.")
2 Brendon of BnR (Rachel jumps)
3 Dave of RnD (Rachel jumps), Dave disappointed he doesn't get to skydive in Arg
4 Jamie of NnJ (Nary jumps)
5 Ralph of VnR (Vanessa jumps)
6 Andrew of EnA (Elliot jumps)
… Dave (of RnD) "collaborating" with Art on the ground (Army/Border Patrol alliance?)
On ground participants self drive while navigating from clue map

… clue = route info ==> self drive to Patios de Cafayate, search for next clue

… back at SB cluebox
7th = MnM
8th = KnS
9th = BnM
10th = JFnD
11th = DnC
… on plane, shows Elliot jumping before Vanessa
"My uterus is in my throt (sp?)" - Vanessa

2nd group @ ROADBLOCK
7 Danny of JFnD (JF jumps), Danny can't drive stick
8 Bopper of BnM (Mark jumps)
9 Maiya of MnM (Misa jumps)
10 Kerri of KnS (Stacy jumps), Stacy is nervous
11 Cherie of DnC (David jumps)

… @ Patios de Cafayate
AnJJ arrive, with BnR on their tails. BnR pass them on foot (1st, 2nd)
… clue = task ==> ("Make Empanadas") Compete in an empanada contest. Must make 120 (60 meat/60 cheese) empanadas (nat'l dish of arg). Each type has specific dough crimping patterns.
After task is complete ==> pit stop (Phil says last team WILL be eliminated)
AnJJ leave demo/start task 1st.
Rachel of BnR notices differences in crimping styles. Starts 2nd.
RnD start 3rd

Mark jumps, JF jumps, Misa jumps

NnJ starts empanadas 4th
AnJJ get negatively judged, go back to demo, notice the crimping style
Teams are dividing the meat/cheese amongst themselves
VnR starts 5th

Kerri gets in the car to go meet skydiving Stacy
Danny still struggling with the stick (stalled, possibly lost)
Maiya, looking for turn-off, gets stuck in sand on roadside
BnM leave ROADBLOCK in 7th
Dave (of DnC) jumps
Stacy "having a breakdown" on plane
Eventually does it "for her kids"; enjoys it but "will never jump out of plane again"
Maiya gets "roadside assistance" (another motorist pulls her SUV out)
DnC leave ROADBLOCK in 8th (MnM, JFnD, KnS still behind)
Danny arrives, Kerri Arrives
JFnD leave in 9th
KnS leave in 10th

EnA start empanadas in 6th
AnJJ still struggling with the judge

MnM reunite, in last (11th)

BnR judged: No
AnJJ judged: No ("She was like The Empanada Nazi!")
RnD judged: Yes! (1st to leave empanada task)
BnR judged: Yes! (2nd to leave)
Check-in mat: "Welcome to Cafayate, Arg"

1st RnD win Express Pass
2nd BnR
3rd AnJJ
4th NnJ
5th VnR
6th EnA

BnM start empanada task 7th
DnC start 8th
JFnD start 9th
KnS start 10th
Bopper: "This is the first time I have ever made a pinata!"
MnM start 11th ("Do we need to get our bags?" "No", mistake?)

Good episode. Empanada task helps equalize teams a little bit. You never know how well teams are going to do.

KnS judged: Yes!
MnM notice KnS grab their bags as they leave, realize they need theirs

7th KnS

DnC judged: Yes!
JFnD feel bad about being passed by "clowns"

8th Dnc

BnM judged: Yes!

9th BnM

MnM judged: Yes! Need to go get their bags
With their bags, MnM enter area of check-in mat. Phil sees them, but they don't see Phil (what drama!). They TURN AROUND! Phil looks perplexed/concerned.
JFnD judged: Yes!

10th JFnD
11th MnM - Eliminated!

Season preview scenes: BnM at least 2 more legs, RnD fight, Rachel (of BnR) = drama queen!

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