Season 20 Episode 02

TAR 20.2 (2/26)
"You Know I'm Not as Smart as You" - Rachel of BnR (apologetic to Brandon as they leave Roadblock)


Salta region, Argentina

RnD 2:46am
… clue: route info (RI) self-drive to Cafayate Town Square, wait for ("chasqui") mounted postman to deliver next clue.
RnD discuss their Express Pass: "don't want to use it unless absolutely necessary"
"Don't know what 'chasqui' is" "Use your spanglish, baby"

BnR 2:48am
Rachel "TAR is super-duper different than Big Brother… tougher"
AnJJ 2:49am
Art (in spanish) asks somebody outside of their car what a "chasqui" is. ("A courier"). Border patrol knowledge of spanish is very helpful here.
RnD spot AnJJ ("That the Border Patrol" says Rachel)
RnD find marker, ask local in store about location and chasqui (answers in spanish, "he won't arrive until sunrise"… hours of operations bunching)
NnJ 3:21am
NnJ are telling teams they are kindergarten teachers (instead of fed agents) :D (flashback to Leg 1 LAX, talking with BnR)
VnR 3:31am
EnA 4:21am
KnS 5:23am
Bunching… local dog <— "Are you chasqui?"
DnC 5:27am
Dave has had LP Hodgkins x2, cancer-free since 2001
BnM 5:29am
BnM trying to understand/pronounce the word chasqui… Mark: "We speak 'country', no other kind of language"
JFnD 5:35am

6:35 am (sunrise)
Once chasqui spotted… footrace to him

Detour: (survival in Salta: natural resources) "Boil my water" or "Light my fire"
"Boil my water": visit one of 3 isolated villages, assemble solar kitchen based on picture(s) on box, position solar kitchen in direct sunlight to bring tea kettle to boil/whistle -> solar expert will give next clue.
"Light my fire": gather firewood and clay on a river bank, load it onto a donkey and transport it (1 mi.) to local pottery workshop. Clue on delivery.
1st BnM -> boil
2nd NnJ -> boil
Clue yanking <-> BnR
3rd BnR -> boil
4th AnJJ -> light
5th KnS -> boil
6th RnD -> boil
Kerri tied up her hair?
AnJJ explain that building the solar heater and waiting for water to boil with the sun not that far up in the sky will take forever.
RnD get to solar panel location #1
NnJ arrive
VnR arrive
Lots of shade where teams are build solar panels
DnC arrive
AnJJ drive by
EnA get to location #2
KnS @ location #2?
BnM/BnR still driving
Stacy is the builder
JFnD with KnS
Dave (or RnD) is "OCD" about building.
Cherie: "I think we've got a few screws loose. Ha ha ha."
DnC discuss peaking at other teams' solar panels (esp. if another teams finishes)… but they look pretty far along to me.
BnM get to location #3
BnR join BnM
AnJJ arrive at location #3 asking directions (in spanish). No help.
Mark's little boy loves Legos.
BnM are pretty efficient builders.
Rachel of (BnR): "I'm sorry I'm not good at this. I'm sorry I'm just a girl."
AnJJ get directions… they are 8 km away.
Start arguing amongst themselves… even as they arrive at their location.
RnD "finished" build. Put pot on, or wait until he approves it? "Wait" (huh).
AnJJ @ "Light my fire" observe demo donkey, start gathering wood.
BnM finish building.
JFnD see KnS have made good progress, run over to ask for help/hints. KnS show them how certain parts go together. "That was really nice of us."
RnD put pot on to boil. DnC decide to go look. RnD point out the picture on the box! OMG!
Cherie: "Ay! The things you miss when you're hyped up on adrenaline." (Tell it to MnM).
Dave (of RnD): "Clowns are crazy"
Most "boilers" now just waiting for the whistle while AnJJ move their donkey. JJ: "This IS the Amazing Exercise."

BnM 1st to whistle!

Clue: RI: 18 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires (Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers) -> next clue
BnR calls BnM "Kentucky".
Bopper: "We basically just open the box up and put it together."
AnJJ bring their donkey up to location #1 (other teams there get to see them). Once their fire gets going…

AnJJ 2nd to complete detour

RnD 3rd
BnM drive by location #2: "Git R Done!"
AnJJ honk at BnR
BnR 4th
DnC 5th
VnR 6th
Where the hell are EnA?
EnA 7th
JFnD 8th
KnS 9th
NnJ 10th

1st bus = BnM, BnR, Rnd, AnJJ
2nd bus = DnC, JFnD, VnR?, EnA
3rd bus - KnS, NnJ

sleeping on bus.

middle of night, 2nd bus has to stop: shattered window.
3rd bus potentially passed 2nd.

1st bus to buenos aires -> taxis
3rd->2nd bus (teams unaware they have moved up).
@Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers
RnD 1st to clue
Roadblock: "Where's the beef?" ("Calculate Cattle")
When auctioneer yells out total weight of cattle in one of the corrals, count total head, calculate average weight, before auctioneer moves on to next corral.
(can't use a calculator)

Rachel of RnD
She's getting distracted by the auction.
JJ of AnJJ
JJ works with Rachel of RnD
Rachel of BnR
Rachel: "I don't know anything about cows!" (It's math, ditz!)
(more ditzy comments in one breath from interview)
Mark of BnM
3rd->2nd bus arrives
AnJJ (1st), RnD (2nd) finish RB together
Clue: RI to pit stop: by taxi to El Gomero
Phil: Last team… "MAY be eliminated"
Rachel of BnR really stressing out. Mark offers to help.
Nary of NnJ (5th)
Stacy of KnS (6th)
BnM (3rd), BnR (4th) finish RB together
Rachel (BnR) breaking down (lost their taxi). As Brandon tries to reassure her, Rachel says: "You have a booger on your nose."

1st RnD (AGAIN!), win trip to Granada
2nd AnJJ

Last bus still en route
Nary and Stacy @ RB
Kerri: "Yeah, we're country girls, but we don't get this close to cows."

3rd BnM

Last bus arrives

4th BnR

KnS finish RB 5th
NnJ " " 6th

7 Vanessa of VnR
8 JF? of JFnD
9 Dave of DnC
he is terrible at math
10 Andrew of EnA

5th KnS (do a cheerleading cheer)
6th NnJ (think they are out… Phil plays them: "I'm sorry to tell you… the 2nd bus broke down…")

VnR finish RB 7th
JFnD " " 8th
EnA " " 9th

7th VnR
8th JFnD
9th EnA

DnC finish RB (10th) - Eliminated! Walk away as clowns.

Preview of next episode: EnA on stringing harps, RnD stacking melons

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