Season 20 Episode 03

TAR 20.3 (3/4)
"Bust Me Right in the Head With It" - Bopper (regarding the watermelon Mark tossed to him and hit his head)


Buenos Aires, Argentina

RnD 12:22am
RI: Fly to Asunción, Paraguay. Taxi to equipment supply ("Metallurgica Punta de Rieles"), search for clue.
$200 for this leg of the race
Worried about being targeted for winning twice, being competitive.
AnJJ 12:25am
"This is great because we're going to another Spanish-speaking country, where we can dominate"
Stick with Maj. Dave and Rachel, "and we'll both just dominate this entire season of Amazing Race"
RnD/AnJJ getting on stand-by for 8:45 (am) flight directly to Asunción.
All other teams catch up (unknown departure times).
NnJ waving other teams to the counter. JJ doesn't like it.
RnD (1st) & AnJJ (2nd) get on standby flight.
NnJ (3rd)
BnM (4th)
1st flight departed 8:45am
(2nd) Flight to Pluna @ 10:40am
Remaining 5 teams: EnA, VnR, BnR, KnS, JFnD

In Asunción:
AnJJ (1st)
BnM (2nd)
NnJ (3rd)
RnD (4th)
"Drive it like you stole it, baby!" - Bopper (to taxi driver)

@ the supply yard, AnJJ ride slides (way in and out of yard?) then search the grills.
Clue: Detour: "Stacked up" or "Strung out"?
"Stacked up": Go to largest fruit market in Paraguay; find trucks with watermelons, then stack in 10x10 pyramid (like the locals); judged by vendor
"Strung out": Go to auditorium and choose a harp (nat'l instrument); ongoing demo: attach 36 strings to instrument; clue given when harp is ready for tuning

AnJJ (1st) -> stacked
BnM (2nd) -> stacked
NnJ (3rd) -> stacked
RnD (4th) -> "

AnJJ begin
RnD begin
NnJ begin
BnM begin

Bopper delivers title quote

2nd flight arrives
BnR (5th)
KnS (6th) Kerri (back to 'fro, btw): "It's HOT out hear. It's hot like Mississippi mud."
EnA (7th)
VnR (8th)
JFnD (9th)

At "stacked", Mark eats from broken watermelon. Rachel (RnD) begs Dave to drink some water, but he refuses. Then they start snapping at each other.

@ supply yard:
BnR -> stacked
KnS -> stacked; taxi driver pulls out into traffic!
EnA -> strung ***
JFnD (8th) -> stacked
VnR (9th) -> stacked

I don't like that EnA (shown in ads/previews doing the harps), may be highlighted :. eliminated. :(

AnJJ finish stacked, 1st
Clue-RI: go to Plaza de La Democracia
Art: "Stacking watermelons in Paraguay was on my bucket list." "Done!"

NnJ, BnM, stacks collapse! Locals laugh.
RnD " "

NnJ, BnM decide to restart from the bottom.
RnD, switching detours… debate using Express Pass
NnJ decide to switch
BnM " " "; meet KnS arriving in their taxi. BnM lie to KnS about difficulty of the watermelon task (and completing it) and take over their taxi.
KnS see the incomplete stacks, realize they've been had (and lost their taxi to boot).
Mark to Bopper (in interview): "You finally played the game… like I told you to."
KnS: "They stole our cab." What?! Stacy: "All bets are off!"

@ Plaza de La Democracia
AnJJ arrive
Clue-Roadblock: "Who's ready to use their head?" (The "Bottle Dance")
Balancing a bottle on top of their heads, perform choreographed dance. If all provided bottles (for the team) are broken -> 2hr penalty.
If complete the routine, lead dancer (balancing a tower of bottles on her head) will give next clue.

Art (of AnJJ)… JJ: "Art's got a big, fat head… so this will be good for him." And regarding the dancers: "They're … making it look like the thing's stapled to their head."

@ stacked: JFnD, BnR, VnR
BnR "are not fans of" VnR.
BnR decide to switch, partially to get away from VnR.
Ditz: "Her disgusting smile is painted on, just like her overdone makeup."

Art finished RB (receives clue just as he is standing up, drops bottle).
Clue-RI: make way ON FOOT to next pit stop: Escalinata de Antequera
Phil: The last team to check-in MAY be eliminated.
AnJJ ask police (in spanish) for directions.

AnJJ (1st) win trip to Bahamas.

EnA arrive @ strung
BnM, NnJ "
Eliott (EnA) is a musician, has strung guitars
KnS, RnD arrive
RnD see the other teams, decide to use Express Pass. (2nd)

BnR arrive @ strung… "not as stressful" as watermelons

Back at stacked, JFnD have strength advantage over VnR

@ strung, teams discuss the task. EnA struggling ("not the same as stringing a guitar").

RnD arrive at RB

Dave (of RnD)
End up going through all the bottles. Receive the clue (2hr penalty applied at the mat).

BnR finish strung (3rd)
BnM " " (4th)
JFnD finish stacked (5th)
VnR stack keeps collapsing. Debate switching.
KnS finish strung (6th)
NnJ " " (7th)

JDOPause: Not looking good for EnA; now fighting for survival against VnR. Roadblock may allow for some catch-up… but unlikely (other teams need to receive the penalty).

After more snapping at each other, EnA decide to switch.
VnR suffer more collapses. EnA need a cab to switch.

EnA cancel decision… go back to the harp.
VnR restarting the watermelons. Deciding not to quit as an example to Ralph's 13-year-old daughter.

RnD still sitting out penalty (~45 min. left).
BnR arrive @ RB (3rd).

Ditz (of BnR)
Mark (of BnM)

Nary (of NnJ)
Kerri (of KnS)

BnR finish RB (3rd)
JFnD " " (4th)
Nary purposefully pours (or spills?) some fluid out of the bottle over her head. Hmm, smart move if allowable.

BnR running in the street (about to get run over)… arrive at check-in mat. Ditz is doubled over, coughing, upset.

BnR (2nd)
JFnD (3rd)

30 minutes left on RnD penalty.

BnM finish RB (5th)
NnJ " " (6th)

RnD penalty ends right as NnJ, BnM arrive at mat. What's the order going to be?

BnM (4th)
NnJ (5th)
RnD (6th)

Rachel is smiling, but Dave is not. Dave (in interview, voice-over) says the leg was a failure.

back @ detour, last 2 teams still struggling. Getting dark.

KnS (7th) (end of RB not seen… unknown if penalty incurred).

@ stacked… using car headlights to light the task.

EnA finish strung (8th)
VnR finish stacked (9th)

EnA arrive @ RB

Eliott (of EnA)
Ralph (of VnR)

VnR finish RB (8th)
EnA " " (9th)

VnR (8th)
EnA (9th) - Eliminated.

Next episode: Italy. Ditz hates Brendon. Heights/safety harnesses, remote-controlled helicopters. Ditz (crying) "I wanted to go on a trip around the world with my best friend."

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