Season 20 Episode 04

TAR 20.4 (3/11)
[We need to] "Taste Your Salami" - KnS (to clerk at Salami shop)


AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay

1 AnJJ 5:10pm
RI: Fly to Turin, Italy (Italy's "motor city"). Choose Ford Focus, self-drive to Lingotto building to find next clue
"I didn't bring my Italian loafers though" :)
@ travel agency… work in spanish…
1st flight: 9:15 am; arrives next day 10:35 am
@ airport, "There's another team!" "Where?!" "Just teasing!"
2 BnR 9:59 pm
3 JFnD 10:00 pm
JF?: "I think you like all cultures of women…", Danny: "I'm not picky"
4 BnM 10:08 pm
Bopper: "We're going somewhere tropical" (Uh, ok)
Bopper tells us (in interview) that he has a 7-yo daughter on 7 different respitory meds.
In taxi, Bopper to Mark: "How many times a year do you go to Italy?" Mark: "Oh about 3 or 4" :)
5 NnJ 10:09 pm
Mark ogles local hotties
6 RnD 10:10 pm
7 KnS 10:45 pm

BnR @ travel agency
JFnD @ same agency
Flight arriving @ 10:35 am (same flight as AnJJ?)
NnJ, RnD … same agency
"Kentucky" (BnM) straight to airport
BnM arrive at airport, meet up with AnJJ
AnJJ tell BnM they need to go back to travel agency (clue rule?)

8 VnR 12:15 am

KnS seen using same agency as majority of everybody else

VnR @ same agency, learn there are two flights (first one potentially booked, but agent will look again)
Vanessa "distracted by shiny things" referring to Ditz's (?) clothing. "Holy Disco Ball, Batman"
VnR get the 10:35 arrival flight as BnM arrive at another agency.
BnM's flight arrives in Turin at 11:50 am (bumped down to last place?)
At airport, BnM sitting with other teams, assuming they are on same flight, until they compare tickets and realize otherwise. They rush through airport and attempt to get on standby for the earlier flight.
1h 15m behind

1st flight arrives in Turin
Teams attempt to navigate the streets. JJ complains about lack of street signs. Ditz: "Now I know why Italians hate Americans… we're idiots."
RnD bickering, switch drivers (Rachel -> Dave)
KnS switch drivers (Kerri -> Stacy), due to difficulty driving.

AnJJ, BnR find Lingotto "Fiere"… climb spiral ramp on foot.
VnR, JFnD, NnJ also arrive

AnJJ in 1st
Fast Forward! "Land a helicopter" One member operates RC helicopter, other wears a helmet with a model of the Lingotto building (including a landing area)… Perfect landing = clue.

BnR (in 2nd) see AnJJ going for the FF.
Alternative it ROADBLOCK: "What goes up must come down" (Captioned: "Rapple")
One member rapples down (120ft) the spiral center of the building. Grab clue on way down, meet partner at the bottom. 2 minute time limit (failure to get clue = restart)

2 Ditz (of BnR)
3 Danny (of JFnD)
4 Vanessa (of VnR)
5 Jamie (of NnJ)

AnJJ disappointed to see FF is only scale model toy helicopter. Art is the pilot.
JJ (to Art flying): "That's all you, you freaking monkey."
Ditz, Danny rappling. Danny: "It's giving me a wedgie."
Ditz gets clue
Danny " "

BnR finishes RB 1st
RI: Self drive to "Museo Nazionale dell' Automobile", then park on street using product placement feature (Ford Focus active park assist feature). Go into the museum and find 1916 "Tin Lizzie" (Ford), to find next clue (cheese cubes?)
JFnD finishes RB 2nd
Editing messup? VnR = 3rd? ("Jersey Shore is right next to us")
KnS still looking for the building
BnM's flight arrives
Mark: "I know a little _Italy_ … 'Italy'… that's all the _Italy_ I know." (Oy)
RnD @ Lingotto. Bypass FF (assuming somebody's already done it), choose RB… and we get a screenshot of the RB clue (Thank God for HD DVR).

6 Rachel (of RnD)
RnD debate (bicker) attempting the FF. The FF clue mentions "flying a helicopter" and Dave is a helicopter pilot.
VnR at the RB along with NnJ

Vanessa's 1st attempt fails to get clue in 2 minutes.
Jamie (ditto)
Rachel sees the struggle of Vanessa and Jamie… learns to kick to get swinging momentum.
RnD finishes RB 3rd

BnR arrive at museum attempt to use Active Park
JFnD (ditto, and succeed)
BnR finish using Active Park, bickering

NnJ finishes RB 4th
VnR finishes RB 5th

AnJJ finish FF! RI to pitstop: Piazza Castello
KnS find Lingotto building
BnM looking for "LinGUIDO Building"

JFnD searching for "Lizzie", BnR bickering. Ditz threatening to just quit (oh please yes). RnD, VnR arrive at museum to park.
Vanessa (about Active Park): "It's like KITT from Knight Rider. <as KITT> Well, Michael, I think you should wear your leather pants today."
NnJ Active Park. Jamie: "Go Ford!"

7 Stacy (of KnS)
and finishes RB 7th
Kerri to Stacy: "Are you, like, trying to cancel out your fear of heights by doing all the "heights" ones?"

BnM still looking for "Linguito" Building

BnR find "Lizzie" in 2nd (clue is a "penny" (Ditz) in a box)… the building on the 2-cent Euro is Mole Antonelianna. Ride elevator to top and search for next clue.
BnR try to figure out what the coin means. Brendon wonders if it get's inserted somewhere to activate something. (Can I call him Ditz 2?)

JFnD find Liz in 3rd place
RnD " 4th
VnR " 5th
NnJ " 6th
BnR check the year on the coin.
Outside, Jamie (of NnJ) asks one of the "Santas" (Santa convention spotted by VnR earlier) about building on the coin. It's in the center of the city.
JFnD (ditto)
BnR go out to check on the cars to see if any have left.
RnD bicker about following the locals' directions. Other teams navigate.
BnR bicker, debate quitting the race, the marriage (is it wrong that I even want these two to break up?)
(after commercial) they figure out the building (in the center). Ditz: "I don't know where the center is… I don't live in Italy… obviously."

KnS (7th) arrive at museum.

8 Bopper (of BnM)
Works the ratchet going down.
and finishes RB 8th

AnJJ (1st) win $5000 each

JFnD arrive at Mole 1st (2nd place)
RnD " 2nd (3rd place)

JFnD ride elevator up, find clue…
Detour: "Clean that statue" or "Name that salami"
"Clean that statue": Clean status with equipment provided. Judged.
"Name that salami": Find Gastronomia Salumeria, taste 14 distinct salamis, travel 1/2 mi to Piazza Bietoro Peneto, and ID those 14 salamis by correct name.
2 JFnD -> "Clean"
3 RnD -> "Clean"
NnJ, VnR arrive at Mole. Ralph parks with the Active Park again. Ford must be loving this episode.
4 NnJ -> "Clean"
BnR arrive at Mole, Ditz crying.
5 VnR -> "Clean"
VnR/BnR cross paths, then slam each other later.
6 BnR -> "Name"
Teams try to find Detour locations. BnR find the Salumeria.
Ditz: "I know nothing about salamis. I know that they're on pizza… I like pizza."

KnS find Liz/clue
BnM arrive at museum as KnS are leaving.

RnD arrive at "Clean"
VnR, JFnD "
Ralph "decapitates" a statue with the power hose. These statues must be set up like this to prank the racers (see Nary below).
JFnD joke about "dirty girls" as they clean a statue.
NnJ arrive at "Clean"
Nary decapitates…

BnR try tasting… there are about 5 "easy" ones (due to color or texture), but mess up on a "garlic" one… must go back.

KnS get Detour clue… -> "Name" (7th)
BnM find Liz/clue (8th)

RnD finish "Clean" (2nd place).
RI to pitstop… Phil says last team MAY be eliminated. (Please don't let BnM get eliminated).

BnR try and fail again at "Name".

JFnD finish "Clean" (3rd place).
VnR " (4th)

RnD (2nd)

David repeats "Complete and utter failure, from my vantage point." and _can only improve from here_ (OK… Dave is an asshole).

KnS arrive at "Name"
?: "We need to taste your salami" (Episode title is a partial of this quote).

BnR start struggling. Ditz is losing sense of taste, getting upset again. "I might purposefully jump in front of a car." (Don't tease me).
Really seems like they are quitting before commercial break.
(Just a tease)
It's getting dark.
BnM (8th) get Detour clue -> "Clean"
NnJ finish "Clean" in 5th place

JFnD (3rd)
VnR (4th)

BnR finish "Name" in 6th place

NnJ (5th)

KnS finish "Name" in 7th

BnR (6th)

BnM finish "Clean" in 8th

KnS (7th)
BnM (8th)

AnJJ are splitting their $10,000 with Bopper

BnM non-eliminated! (Woo hoo!)

Next episode: Bravaria… snow, a witch with a cauldron, beard styling, BnM yoddling.

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