Season 20 Episode 05

TAR 20.5 (3/18)
[She was] "Uglier Than a Mud Rail Fence" - Mark (About the 'witch' judge at "Fairy Tale" detour)


Turin, Italy

1 AnJJ 8:57am
RI: Train to Ehrwald, Austria. Drive across border into Germany (Bravaria = oldest state) to the Gasthof Zum Rassen restaurant; find Travelocity gnome with next clue.
AnJJ explain why it's better to participate as friends than as a bickering couple. They are the only team on the first train to Austria.
2 RnD 11:33am
3 JFnD 12:11pm
They are wearing silly hats that they found. A panda (with tongue sticking out on JF's forehead, and dragon/muppet?
2nd train = RnD, JFnD
4 VnR 12:27pm
VnR explain their prior marriages (Ralph has had 3 prior; Vanessa 1), and how they are helping their current relationship.
5 NnJ 12:56pm
6 BnR 1:18pm
Ditz: "Where's the rome, er, gnome?" D2:"He's in Germany." D1:"Oh, we've got to find him?"
3rd train(?) = VnR, NnJ, BnR
7 KnS 3:58pm
Kerri: "I'm so excited of feeling re-energized; ready to 'jack up' some other teams."
Stacy's husband is a pro basketball player.
Kerri: "Mama mia! We made it to the train 'stacion'." (4th train?)
8 BnM 5:54pm
Mark calls it "Babravaria"
Bopper explains that they are leaving last and the have the speed bump too.
(5th train?)
Phil explains that it is a 10 hour train ride to Ehrwald, via Innsbruck (-all- most teams bunch @ Innsbruck train station).
Bopper says "other '5' teams" huh?
Well, AnJJ are already up in Ehrwald (6:30am). So that's one team missing.
AnJJ explain that the restaurant doesn't open until 8:30am
RnD/JFnD arrive at Ehrwald.
AnJJ (1st), JFnD (2nd), RnD (3rd) bunch at the restaurant before it opens.
AnJJ find gnome 1st

Detour: "Fairy Tale" or "Champion Male"

"Fairy Tale": Teams follow trail of gingerbread (on snow covered path) picking up pieces as they go; find fairy tale -inspired village (missed the name) and find the witch's cottage from Hansel and Gretel. Use gingerbread pieces to complete roof of gingerbread house and decorate it. Witch will hand them next clue.

"Champion Male": Pick a champion beard enthusiast and style his beard to match a winning look. Use hair styling products. "Perfect match" judged my world champion.

AnJJ (1st) -> "Male"
JFnD (2nd) -> "Male"
RnD (3rd) -> "Male"

Next train arrives in Ehrwald (remaining 5 teams)
Kerri: "I can just about navigate myself to the mall, and that's about it." Sure are prissy for a country girl.

RnD find "Male" (1st)
JFnD (2nd)
AnJJ (3rd)

KnS bicker about navigating (Kerri navigating for Stacy driving)
JJ (of AnJJ) and JFnD are familiar with hair products.

BnM find the restaurant -> first must do the speed bump: "Yodel": Listen to expert yodeller, master skills of yodeling a specific tune. Judged by expert. Hmm, I wonder how lenient the judge will be(come).

Oh, and BnM must dress the part. :)

VnR (4th) -> "Male"
BnM seem to have fun with the yodeling. The judge comments on the "American way of yodelling."

@ "Male", a local says "You're in Bravaria; you must drink beer."
AnJJ finish male (1st)
RI: "Find the inspiration for sleeping beauty's castle…" figure out Neuschwanstein Castle, home of former Bravarian king Ludwig II, whose bedroom has the cluebox.

BnM finish speed bump (need to change out of costumes)

BnR, NnJ, KnS arrive at restaurant as BnM changing

BnR (5th) -> "Tale"
NnJ (6th) -> "Male"
KnS (7th) -> "Tale"
BnM (8th) -> "Tale?"

RnD finish "Male" (2nd)
JFnD first judging attempt failed
VnR arrive @ "Male"

Ditz (riding in back seat en route to "Tale"): "Whatever happened to going to 'Bolivia'?"

BnR and KnS arrive at "Tale" trailhead… not seeing the container (marked with race colors) holding the baskets.

BnM arrive and find the baskets. Start "Tale" full-steam.

@ "Male" JFnD struggling with choice of long beard

BnR, KnS finally find the baskets, searching for gingerbread.
NnJ arrive at "Male"

JFnD finally get approval (3rd place)

Ralph pushes Vanessa to request judging (just to get a progress)… success! (4th place).

BnM arrive at witch's cottage… see the model gingerbread house. Bopper and witch cackle at each other. :D
BnR, KnS arrive as well.

AnJJ arrive at the castle (sort of… take horse-drawn carriage up to it). (1st place)
RnD having navigation difficulties… bickering starting off mild.

VnR, JFnD arrive at castle base village. There is a 2nd castle (Hohenschwangau Castle) in the area. The two teams discuss which castle and how to get up to it (e.g. hiking?).
Both teams decide to hike. VnR start bickering.

NnJ finish "Male" in 5th place.

BnM getting judged at "Tale." Mark (in interview) says, "I told her how pretty she was, and she was uglier than a mud rail fence." (Episode quote is a partial).
(BnM must have failed first judging).

AnJJ reach the actual castle, begin searching; find clue:

RI: "Drive yourselves to the town of Füssen and search for the Bundesleistungszentrum für Eishockey und Curling. Once there, make your way to Halle 2 (BLZ 2)."
JJ: "Holy Chirstmas, that's 77 consonants in a row."
Search the ice hockey and curling rink for next clue.

KnS finish "Tale" (6th place).
AnJJ heading downhill, pass JFnD, VnR… more bickering within VnR
JFnD in the castle. One of them mistakes Sleeping Beauty for Rapunzel. They find the clue. (JFnD = 2nd)
VnR enter, find clue (3rd)

BnM judged successfully. Bopper hugging the witch. :) (7th)
Ditz (BnR) getting upset with being in last, cold, miserable, etc. Get judged successfully (8th, yay).

RnD arrive at castles… get 'directed' to wrong castle. Wait for the english tour.
NnJ go to the wrong castle as well. See RnD and think they're in the right place. Both teams stuck with the tour (even bought tickets).

AnJJ arrive at cluebox (1st)

Roadblock: "Who's ready to put it on ice?" ("Eisstock-schiessen")
Teams use their Travelocity gnome in "curling", slide it to touch center of target => clue.

1st, JJ (of AnJJ)

RnD, NnJ learn they are in wrong castle from tour guide.

KnS arrive at wrong castle. Followed by BnM.
KnS at least learn they are at the wrong castle before going on the tour.
BnR go to the correct castle.
BnM also learn about the correct castle.

At RB, JJ says "Come on you little roamin' gnome." After a few more attempts, they get it (1st).
RI: Make way (with the gnome) to next pit stop: Landhannes Farm (200 year old working dairy farm). Phil says "MAY".

2nd, Danny (of JFnD)
Danny: "I never thought we'd be curling gnomes today."

RnD in Ludwigs bedroom (4th)
NnJ " (5th)
BnR " (6th)

JFnD finish RB (2nd)

3rd, Ralph (of VnR)

AnJJ (1st, win trip to ? Beach, Thailand)

VnR finish RB (3rd) using one gnome to knock another in.

JFnD (2nd)

KnS find Ludwig's bedroom, clue (7th).
BnM " (8th), Bopper suffering breathing issue from climbing hills/stairs.

4th, Nary (of NnJ)
5th, Brendon (of BnR)
6th, Rachel (of RnD)

VnR (3rd)

RnD finish RB (4th)
BnR " (5th)

7th, Kerri (of KnS)
8th, Mark (of BnM)
Bopper suffering physically.

RnD (4th)

BnM finish RB (6th)

BnR (5th)

As they approach the mat, Brendon jumps on but slips on the landing, almost taking out Phil. :D.
Ditz: "Holy manure!" (Actually a decent quote from her).

At RB, Nary vs Kerri (neither succeeding). Kerri >= 69 slides. Nary >= 180 slides.

KnS finish RB (7th).
NnJ " (8th) (gnome touching white target by a hair).

KnS getting directions.

BnM (6th)

Very religious teams this season.

NnJ (7th)
KnS (8th) Eliminated!

Next episode: Azerbaijan, fire, water (spinning capsule), mud/oil spa

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