Season 20 Episode 06

TAR 20.6 (3/25)
[Art,] "This Is Wicked Strange" - JJ (about scraping oil off of a man at "Oil" Detour task)


Bavaria, Germany
AnJJ checking out Thailand (prize from last leg) on laptop/Travelocity… with their gnome. :)

1 AnJJ 8:48am
RI: Fly to "the land of fire" Azerbaijan (Baku = capital); (Former soviet republic, located on edge of Caspian sea, rich in oil & natural gas => "land of fire")… make way to Temple Ateshgah ("aTASHgah"), "the temple of fire" to find next clue.
Flying out of Munich airport.
JJ admits they are only one Roadblock/Detour away from being humbled. Nice. Relevant to this episode?
Discuss the strength of "guidos" (JFnD)… who are wearing "retro 80's winter gear" and are "out of a bad 80's movie" with "some Wham (sp?) playing in the background."
2 JFnD 9:17am
They discuss their comeback… think they're due for 1st. Danny is wearing "first place glasses" (plastic bright orange glasses frames).
3 VnR 9:19am
Vanessa (about Azerbaijan): "… but I know it's warmer because it's 'the land of fire.' Fire's got to be warmer than freaking Bavaria."
4 RnD 10:57am
Dave: "I still feel that Rachel and I are the team to beat at this point." Are you delusional?
On the way to airport, already "going wrong direction" and bickering about navigation.
5 BnR 11:17am
Brendon tells us that there is $167 for this leg of the race.
They go to a travel agency in town.
Travel agent finds a flight on Turkish airlines departing @6:20(pm?) from Munich. They book 'em.
6 BnM 11:41am
Think Azerbaijan is in Africa ("land of fire", and pronunciation of "Azerbaijan", Mark say "That sounds like Africa to me, baby!").
7 NnJ 11:42am (<— That's interesting… how are they only a minute behind BnM? They didn't seem that close finishing the last leg.)
Think coming in last helps keep the perception that they are not a threat (to go with their "teachers" deception).

AnJJ arrive at airport… find the Turkish airlines desk, learn about the 6:20 flight… which arrives at 4:10am. Agent says there are no other flights.

JFnD, VnR park at the airport together. JF tries to say "Hello" but Danny wants to rush.
They appear to be at two different counters with a split screen effect… which is combined to reveal that they are only feet appart.
RnD arrive at airport.

Teams are all going to be on same flight. It goes via Istanbul, Turkey.

In Baku, RnD, JFnD, and NnJ are the first to get taxis.
Next group: AnJJ, BnR, BnM
Art wishes he could see the scenery in the daytime. JJ says daytime is due in another hour.
Bopper (about their taxi driver): "Dale Earnhart (sp?) is behind the wheel"
Last: VnR
Vanessa: "Find a cute cab."

@Ateshgah Temple lots of music (bongo drums), dancing, and sword play around fire.

RnD arrive… begin searching for clue amongst the performers. Find a door that says "Open at sunrise" (in English). Dave thinks they need to keep looking. (JFnD have arrived). Asks one of the dancers if they have their next clue. Dancers just keep on dancing; sweep up RnD in the dance.

Other teams arrive to the party.

Finally, door gets unlocked at sunrise. Teams bottleneck to get in to get a clue. RnD open clue first.
Clue include a Fast Forward: "Unload and stack hay." Make way to roadside hay market (hay sold to local farmers). Unload 150 bays of hay… stack them 10wide x 3deep x 5high.

RnD (1st), JFnD (2nd) go for FF.
NnJ (3rd) decide to skip FF. Alternative is…
RI: Make way to "Occupational Training Int'l" and search grounds for next clue.

AnJJ (4th) -> RI (because they already did a FF)
BnR (5th) -> RI
BnM (6th) -> RI
VnR (7th) -> RI

RnD, JFnD arrive at FF, begin competing. The bales of hay start out loaded on trucks. Dave unloads/Rachel stacks. JF? unloads/Danny? stacks.
Danny: "I never look at the instruction booklet."

Other teams RACING in taxis.
Bopper: "This guy is driving like an absolute maniac." The makes some comment about Mark "spewing."
AnJJ compares the taxi driving to NASCAR… "insane"
Mark is spewing. Bopper (in interview): "Any time my partner is in the back seat, there better be a barf bag around."
AnJJ amused by poor Mark.

@FF, JFnD working well together. Dave is unloading too fast for Rachel. She's struggling, getting hay in her eyes.

AnJJ, BnM arrive at "OTI"
VnR, NnJ " … all searching for clue.

BnM find race colored box (cluebox) on "tarmac"

Roadblock: "What goes down must come up!" (Captioned: "Escape Helicopter"). Underwater rescue training. Team member is submersed in helicopter mock-up, spun, then must escape and surface, swim to next clue.

1 Bopper (of BnM)
2 Jamie (of NnJ)
3 JJ (of AnJJ)

BnR arrive at "OTI" and find cluebox!

4 Brendon (of BnR)
5 Vanessa (of VnR)

Back to FF, teams are getting close to finishing… RnD working together better.
RnD win FF (take 1st place).
RI: Make way to pit stop: Esplanade Estakada

JF mad about being beaten.

@RB, JJ, Jamie, Bopper suited up for underwater.
Mark and Nary discussing. Mark tells Nary that Bopper has a "bad" crush on Jamie.
Trio gets instructions about putting hand on window (1 each) that will be pushed out underwater to escape through… one capsule is under (need to hold breath) and spun upside-down… signal is given to escape, then swim up and swim to "rescue raft" tube (and clue).

RB finish order: NnJ (2nd), AnJJ (3rd), BnM (4th)
RI: Make way to Old Town Baku… Toghrul Karabakh Carpet Shop… find next clue.

As RnD arrive at Esplanade Estakada, Dave says "I think that's it. I can smell Phil's cologne." :D

1st, RnD (win each a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO)

@RB Brendon and Vanessa ready to begin.
Ditz happy Brendon is doing RB. Brendon is doing it solo first. Ditz talks to Vanessa.
BnR finish RB in 5th.
JFnD en route to OTI. Vanessa apprehensive about enclosed spaces…. has trouble pushing window out! Finally gets it. VnR finish RB in 6th.
JFnD arrive at OTI.

7 JF (of JFnD)

in Old Town Baku (OTB), first trio of cabs in a line looking for carpet shop… and BnR makes four.
Teams looking on foot. Somebody asks (of BnR) "Where'd you two come from?"
Teams find the carpet shop nearly together.
Order: BnR (1st), BnM (2nd), AnJJ (3rd), NnJ (4th)

Detour: "Apples" or "Oil"

Apples: Search cars filled with apples for one with a race flag -> exchange for a clue.

Oil: Make way to Naftalan Health Center, clean up client after has soaked in therapeutic treatment of oil… scrape most oil off using metal shoe horn, get remaining oil off with water and sponges. Oil free -> next clue.

BnR (1st) -> "Oil"
BnM (2nd) -> "Oil"
AnJJ (3rd) -> "Oil"
NnJ (4th) -> "Apples"
Getting to taxis:
AnJJ (2nd)
NnJ (3rd)
BnM (4th)
BnR (5th)

JFnD finish RB (7th). JF was previously a lifeguard. Danny glad he didn't do the RB.
VnR arrive @ carpet shop (6th). They are looking down and around completely missing the VERY OBVIOUS CLUES sticking out of pots! Looking under carpets, etc. OMG!

AnJJ arrive @ Oil (2nd). Watch in disbelief as tub fills with oil and client submerges himself into it.
?: "And then he stands up, and he looked like he was a Nutella-covered man."
They begin scraping oil off the man. JJ says, "Art, this is wicked strange!" (TITLE QUOTE).

NnJ arrive @ "Apples" market.
Jamie: "Teachers love apples!"
Crowd gathers to watch, making them nervous. One crowd member shouts "quick, quick, quick" to them.

BnM arrive @ "Oil"
BnR "
All of the clients are "hairy" men.
Ditz (about the idea of soaking in oil): "Like the whole thing is from another planet."

VnR still searching for the obvious clues at the carpet shop! Ralph finally sees them. Vanessa: "Oh my God! We are buffoons!" They choose "Apples." (V: "Oil takes a long time to scrape off")

(montage @ "Oil")

VnR arrive @ "Apples"
V: "I hope this is the first and the last time I'm in a trunk."

AnJJ finish "Oil" (2nd)
RI: Make way to next pit stop: "Boulevard Esplanade Estakada." Clue says MAY.
BnM finish "Oil" (3rd)
BnR " (4th)

2nd, AnJJ

JFnD find carpet shop. (7th). Choose "Apples"

NnJ finish "Apples" (5th)

V (cursing): "Cheese and Crackers!"
Vanessa getting flashbacks of watermelons collapsing.

Mark (as BnM are running to check-in mat): "Never give up on Kentucky, baby!"
Bopper: "They had us toe-tied, and we're still here."

3rd, BnM
4th, BnR
5th, NnJ

VnR finish "Apples" (6th)
JFnD arrive at "Apples" (7th)

VnR's taxi drive needs to ask around for directions (ooo how dramatic)… wonders away.

JFnD find their apple relatively quickly. Wow, is this really race now?
VnR's cab driver finally returns. VnR like to say "Cheese and Crackers!"

6th, VnR
7th, JFnD - Eliminated.

JFnD are happy for their experience on the race.

Next episode (2 weeks): Africa, safari, Ditz vs Vanessa catty-ness while waiting in line (at airport?).

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