Season 20 Episode 07

TAR 20.7 (4/8)
"I Didn't Make Her Cry" […] - Vanessa (about Ditz crying in Nairobi's airport)


(Coming up, JJ confronts NnJ about their real job… "'cause you're not kindergarten teachers.").

Baku, Azerbaijan

1 RnD 9:15pm
RI: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
They start off heading to a travel agency (one open at this hour?… yup "Pasha Travel"). Agent suggests best is flight at 8:30am via Nairobi. "Book it!"

2 AnJJ 10:45pm
Want to drop "dead weight… esp. Big Brother…"
3 BnM 10:55pm
4 BnR 10:56pm
At the taxis, Brendon tells BnM that they'll see them again in "like 10 minutes"
AnJJ, BnR, then BnM at the travel agency. Bopper stocks up on the /free candy/. :)

5 NnJ 11:32pm
Jamie explains that an accident during training shot her in the femur, and Nary provided constant support in the hospital. Oooh, I don't like this kind of exposition… it usually means elimination.

6 VnR 11:35pm

When Mark asks who is behind them, and Bopper answers "the teachers" and VnR, ? of AnJJ mentions that NnJ are /not teachers./ They recognize them as some sort of "law enforcement." During last leg in Azerbaijan (looks like @ "temple of fire"), Art explains that they were talking about "undercover" operations and Jamie asks what kind of "UC" operations do they do in Border Patrol. Talking like that tipped them AnJJ off.

AnJJ leave the travel agency just before NnJ arrive (seen by AnJJ). BnR/BnM tell NnJ that AnJJ "say you guys are cops." Jamie visibly sucks in her lips. Brendon says NnJ are still nicer than AnJJ. Jokes about running faster than the Border Patrol agents and which agency is better follow.

VnR arrive at agency. Ditz says "I wish there was a quicker flight than 10am" but Vanessa isn't buying it.

All teams take same flight.

Transferring in Nairobi… Brendon pushes past Ralph in the airport heading towards "Transfer Services" (English signs in airport, nice), and reportedly flips the bird. Then all the teams get in line at Transfer Services. Verbal sparring, initially BnR vs AnJJ, but mostly BnR vs VnR.

Ditz (about Vanessa trash talking): "All she does is say mean things and name-call."
Ralph (to Vanessa, about Ditz crying): "You made her cry?" Vanessa: "I didn't make her cry… " (episode title) "… her lack of self-esteem made her cry."

AnJJ confront NnJ about what their real job is. NnJ keep to their story, but AnJJ don't buy it.

In Kilimanjaro,
RI: Make way to Arusha Airstrip, sign up for 1 or 3 charter flights (2 teams per flight, 15 minutes apart) to Ngorongoro Crater.

Racing in taxis, Ditz says "Art and JJ: Snobby McSnobsters"

1st flight (9:30 am) AnJJ, BnR
2nd flight (9:45 am) BnM, RnD
3rd flight (10:00 am) NnJ, VnR

Rachel (of RnD) laughs that AnJJ and BnR are on the same flight.

Getting ready for 1st flight, Art: "I think somebody's going to be crying by the end of the day" JJ: "Just don't let it be you, Art" :D

From the air, get to see animals, landscape, volcano (Mt. Kilimanjaro?). Nary sleeps, Jamie laughs about it to the camera.

At flight's destination, is the clue. BnR get clue 1st. AnJJ 2nd.
RI: Choose safari vehicle/driver and go to edge of Ngorongoro Crater. Find "massai" (?) warrior who will give them their next clue.

2nd flight arrives. RnD 3rd, BnM 4th

AnJJ find the warrior (1st), followed by BnR (2nd). Detour: "Marksmanship" or "Courtship"

Marksmanship: Bike down to village, learn art of "Rungu" (axe-like stick) weapon throwing. Once each team member has shattered a clay target, get a clue.

Courtship: Bike down to village, join massai warriors in jumping ritual. @ 8000 ft above sea level, jump for an (exhausting) minute. Once completed the ritual, cheif will hand them their next clue. (If I were racing, I'd choose this one).

1 AnJJ -> "Marksmanship"
2 BnR -> "Courtship"

3rd flight arrives.

AnJJ arrive (on bikes) to the village, get dressed (wrapped) in massai garb. BnR follow.

AnJJ start throwing, miss a few, then JJ gets one.
BnR jump for one minute, get a clue (1st!)

RI: Direct driver to take them to Simba Campsite.

Art finally breaks a target (2nd)

RnD (3rd) find warrior/bikes. -> "Marksmanship"

Bikes are going downhill to village, but uphill on the way back!

Uphillers pass RnD (downhillers). AnJJ pass one or both of BnR. BnM (4th) arrive at warrior/bikes just as BnR are getting back.

Brendon (as they are leaving in their safari SUV), suggest to BnM to do "Courtship." (Agreed).

RnD arrive at village. Throw sticks. BnM arrive, go to "Courtship," jump for 1 min., take 3rd place.

Dave hits a target. Rachel tries a couple more times and hits a target. (4th place).

VnR (5th), NnJ (6th) arrive at warrior/bikes. However, opening clues: NnJ (5th), VnR (6th) [Huh?]

NnJ (5th) -> "Marksmanship"
VnR (6th) -> "Marksmanship"

Vanessa has trouble staying on "tall" bike. Pass RnD heading up. NnJ arrive at village. Vanessa keeps having trouble. NnJ start throwing sticks.

AnJJ, BnR, BnM attempting to navigate their drivers to Simba Campsite.

RnD arrive at Simba 1st! Clue is a task, "set up camp for the night" (captioned "Pitch Tent"). Unload supplies and set up camp (including the gravity shower). Once camp has been setup make way (by their safari SUV) to pit stop. Phil says MAY (be eliminated). (Just a prediction… this is a non-elimination… maybe).
They begin unloading supplies. Dave talks about his army training, attention to detail with OCD.

At "Courtship," Nary hits a target as VnR arrive. Jamie soon follows. (Finish in 5th)
VnR begin throwing sticks.

AnJJ stop and ask for direction, learn they were going the wrong way.

Vanessa hits a target. Ralph takes a few more throws, then hits one as well. (Finish in 6th)
Need to "ride" (unless Vanessa is walking) the bikes back up.

BnR (2nd), BnM (3rd) arrive at Simba Campsite.

VnR (at top of hill, in safari SUV) lament being in last / assuming elimination.

AnJJ arrive at Campsite (4th)
NnJ " (5th)

Teams working together (or not) to build campsites. I think this is where BnM could pull ahead… RnD are bickering.
VnR (6th) arrive, hear teams bickering. BTW, sunlight is leaving.

JJ (hearing RnD bicker): "That's why we're not here with our wives."

Mark (behind Bopper's butt): "Don't fart on me, Bopper, whatever you do."

NnJ fall way behind… all other teams had tent tarps up while NnJ still trying to build the frame. Yup looking like last place.

BnM almost done… but don't have water for the shower.
RnD finish (1st).
BnM finish (2nd).

1st, RnD (win trip to Costa Rica) [4th time]
2nd, BnM

AnJJ finish camp
BnR "

3rd, AnJJ
4th, BnR

VnR finish camp

5th, VnR

NnJ finish camp
On way to pit stop (they know they are last) they see elephants, and stop to watch.

6th, NnJ - Non-eliminated. (Phil reminds them that they will have a speed bump)

Next episode: NnJ on a bike repair (?) task (speed bump?), 2x U-turn (BnM and BnR victims?), AnJJ severing alliance with RnD?

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