Season 20 Episode 08

TAR 20.8 (4/15)
"Let Them Drink Their Haterade" […] - Ditz (about other teams hating BnR)


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

1 RnD 6:03am
RI: Travel through Ngorongoro Crater (Africa's "Garden of Eden"), then to Safari Junction (in Karatu, Tanzania). Look for the "HILLARY CLIN(G)TON SHOP" and next clue.
RnD strategize the 2x U-Turn ahead; consider the "Green Team" (BnR).

2 BnM 6:05am
Bopper injured (twisted) his leg in the last "leg" but is going to tough it out for the race.
They discuss how they have gone from underdogs to threat in this race

3 AnJJ 6:23am
They have been strategizing the U-Turn for "5-6 legs"
Allied with RnD to use the U-Turn on BnR.

4 BnR 6:48am
Ditz gives us the episode title quote already.

5 VnR 7:18am

Teams admiring the scenery, sunrise, animals.

RnD (assuming 1st), BnM (" 2nd) arrive in Karatu, find the "Hillary Clington Shop" … clue is Detour: "Water Supply" or "Air Supply"

Water Supply: Pick up water container (screenshot of clue says "nine") and take them in cart to community water well, wait their turn and fill them, then return them to the home in need.

Air Supply: Go to bike repair shop, remove tire tube from wheel, find and repair puncture, replace the tire/wheel, pump it up and test it.

Judging from the line for water supply, both of these could be REALLY long tasks.

1 RnD -> "Air"
2 BnM -> "Air"
3 AnJJ -> "Water"

Rachel (of RnD) suggests to BnM "… let's stay in the front; no U-turning each other"

AnJJ get in line. Art calculates that it will take ~30-40 minutes to wait. They aren't going to turn back.

4 BnR -> "Air"

VnR arrive in town, have trouble finding the shop (possibly walk right past it, commenting how it's going to be something "absurd and obvious").

BnM are good mechanics; seem to breeze through the task. Meanwhile RnD bicker and blame (surprise, surprise!).
BnM finish (1st).
RI: Make way (on foot) to Jack Stelzer Pub.

RnD finish (2nd).
BnR approaching.

6 NnJ 9:21 am

BnM arrive at U-Turn (1st), decline to use it.
RI: Make way to The Gem Gallery & Arts (GGA), search for next clue. (Taxi)

RnD arrive at U-Turn (2nd), and decline to use it. They reason that (despite alliance with AnJJ) BnR is "so far behind" that it is pointless. Yikes! That's really not a good decision at all. Probably why AnJJ get mad at RnD (from the preview).

VnR stumble upon "Air" (w/ BnR) while searching for Hillary Clington. Keep searching; finally a local boy points it out.
5 VnR -> "Air" (they know where it is)

AnJJ finally make it to front of line, start getting their containers filled.

RnD @ GGA, find clue (1st) and see the speed bump for NnJ
RI: "Make your way to the town of Mto Wa Mbu and find Margaret's farm."
BnM @ GGA (2nd)
RnD, BnM telling their taxi drivers how to race.
AnJJ returning with filled containers. Local kids wanting to help them.
AnJJ finish (3rd)
@ Jack Stelzer Pub, AnJJ see nobody has been U-Turned, so they assume they are in first place. AnJJ u-turn BnR. Get clue (3rd).
AnJJ assume that RnD (who should have u-turned BnR) are behind them and will u-turn NnJ.
BnM get their taxi driver to pass RnD.
BnR finish (4th).
AnJJ @ GGA (3rd). They determine that they are at least 3rd; and maybe RnD didn't honor their word.
BnR @ U-turn. BnR u-turn VnR. (no brainer)

6 NnJ -> "Air" (and at least they aren't getting U-turned, but they still have the speed bump ahead)
VnR finish "Air" (5th)
BnR start doing "Water"

BnM arrive @ Margaret's farm (1st) (see bee keepers). Roadblock: "To bee or not to bee" (captioned: "Harvest Honey")… team member must don protective bee suit and harvest 500g of honey from hive swarming with bees.

1st Mark (of BnM)
Bopper's knee is no good.
2nd Dave (of RnD)

@ "Water" BnR start having trouble getting their water back.
VnR get in "Water" line

BnM finish RB (1st)
RI: Make way on foot to next pit stop: Lake Manyara. Phil says MAY, but I'm guessing elimination.
Rnd finish RB (2nd)

3rd Art (of AnJJ)
Pissed (esp. JJ) at RnD for not honoring the U-turn. Breaking the alliance.

en route to pit stop… Bopper's leg starts slowing him down… and RnD are hot on their tail.

1st, BnM (YAY! win trip to Hawaii)
2nd, RnD

Art (about harvesting honeycombs): "I felt like Winnie the Pooh!" :D
AnJJ finish RB (3rd)

3rd, AnJJ

BnR finish "Water" (4th)
VnR finish "Water" (5th)
NnJ finish "Air" (6th)
BnR @ JSP (4th)
VnR @ JSP (5th)

VnR's cab get's a flat!

NnJ @ JSP (6th)
BnR @ GGA (4th)
VnR @ GGA (5th), followed immediately by
NnJ @ GGA (6th) -> Speed Bump: "Set Up Art Stand" - Set up display stand and place pieces of art to exactly match the guide picture.

4th Ditz (of BnR)
BnR finish RB (4th)

4th, BnR

5th, Ralph (of VnR)

NnJ finish Speed Bump (6th)

VnR finish RB (5th)

5th, VnR

6th, Nary (of NnJ)

6th, NnJ - Eliminated. (Boo!)

Really, NnJ just never caught up from their late start, even with the Double U-turns (AND VnR's flat tire).

Next episode: AnJJ vs RnD, India, Mark struggling with (roadblock?) Bollywood dancing task.

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