Season 20 Episode 09

TAR 20.9 (4/22)
[You're a] "Bollywood Travolta" - Art (to JJ, after finishing the Roadblock)

(at one point tonight, I thought about just watching without taking notes)


Karatu, Tanzania

6 hrs before start of leg… Bopper's leg/knee is in pretty bad shape. Medic comes to check, and says that with Bopper's brace "it will be enough."

1 BnM 9:06pm
RI: Fly to Cochin, India; make way to bus station, take bus to Sacred Heart College, find next clue.

2 RnD 9:07pm
Discuss the "severed" relationship with AnJJ

Rickshaw Travel agency
BnM/RnD researching with agents together.
1st flight leaves 7:40am

3 AnJJ 9:32pm

Cold shoulders at the agency (<sarcasm>oooooh</sarcasm>)

4 BnR 11:55pm

5 VnR 1:31am
Ralph (the nicknames for BnR): "The Green Team, a.k.a. Big Baby, Crybaby" Vanessa adds, "Duck Billed Platypus (pouts)"

VnR research flights at the agency, find a flight connecting in Nairobi, arriving in Cochin at 6:05am.
Appears to be a better flight than the first five teams got. However, the lead is short lived because the 2nd flight arrives soon after and VnR see the other teams arrive in the airport.

RnD are on 1st bus to Thevara
BnR/AnJJ are on 2nd bus
VnR are on 3rd bus (4th)
BnM missed buses, need to wait.

Cochin streets are busy… lots of horn honking.
BnM catch a bus… worried about Mark's motion sickness.

RnD arrive at SHC, find clue in a soccer field with many people dressed in colorful clothes. Roadblock: "Who's got all the right moves?" (captioned: "Dance Bollywood"), learn Bollywood dance routine and perform it to the satifaction of the choreographer.

1st, Rachel (of RnD)
2nd, JJ (of AnJJ)
after arguing about who has to do it. Art reminds JJ that he had to do the "Bottle Dance" in leg 3 (with a "you owe me")
3rd, Ditz (of BnR)
4th, Vanessa (of VnR)

Ditz: "I'm super excited about the Bollywood dance because I feel like they have fun outfits with sequins and glitter…"
JJ: "I felt like a fat Elvis."

Mark ain't feeling well on the bus.

5th, Mark (of BnM)

JJ is the first to attempt the real deal (/Really?!/)… fails (too slow)
Rachel (of RnD) gets it on her first attempt.
RnD finish RB (1st)
RI: Take auto-rickshaw to Indian Coffee House, find head waiter with next clue.

Vanessa fails first attempt.
Ditz fails first attempt (uh oh, do I see tears welling up already?)

RnD get next clue at ICH - Detour: "Cricket" or "Clutch It"

Cricket: Each team member must hit a ball past a player to the boundary around the field.

Clutch It: Learn to drive an auto-rickshaw and transport passengers around a training course.

1 RnD -> Clutch It

At RB… JJ's 2nd attempt: fail
Rachel's 2nd attempt: fail
Art: "I should have done this one"
Art: "He looks like a gorilla in a chiffon suit"

Mark's first attempt: fail (started out pretty well though)

Vanessa succeeds 3rd attempt :)
VnR finish RB (2nd)

Ditz succeeds 4th attempt
BnR finish RB (3rd)

?: "Chick 3, Dudes nothing"

Race against last between AnJJ and BnM?

JJ succeeds 4th attempt
AnJJ finish RB (4th)
Art to JJ: "You're a Bollywood Travolta" [EPISODE TITLE]

RnD finish "Clutch It" (1st)
RI: Make way to next pit stop: Bolgatty Palace
And Phil says "may"

VnR arrive at ICH (2nd)
2 VnR -> Clutch It
Vanessa isn't a great automobile driver!

BnR @ ICH (3rd)
3 BnR -> Cricket
AnJJ @ ICH (4th)
4 AnJJ -> Cricket

:) "Baseball" organ plays while BnR/AnJJ take swings.

1st, RnD (win trip to St. Lucia)

Three teams attempting Detour tasks.
Bopper is trying to convince Mark to quit (take the penalty), Mark doesn't want to give up. Bopper doesn't even care about the prize money, he just doesn't want his friend passing out.

Ditz beats Art to finishing "Cricket"
BnR finish "Cricket" (2nd)
AnJJ finish "Cricket" (3rd)
VnR finish "Clutch It" (4th)

2nd, BnR

Mark is quitting (?)

3rd, AnJJ
4th, VnR

Mark convinced to give it one more try (12th attempt). Not the greatest, but it was probably given to him.
BnM finish RB (5th)
5 BnM -> "Clutch It"

Montage of previous BnM clips (usually done for eliminated teams)

5th, BnM - Non-eliminated! (WOW!)

Next episode: BnM in Lion costume/body paint, Ditz crying about hair (losing it?), Vanessa falls while running (heard a pop in her foot).

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